The destash edition

Inspired by Rochelle from the blog Lucky Lucille and her Make nine project I've been taking my time since the beginning of the month to have a real good look at my overflowing stash and find nine things I could realistically (hopefully) accomplish in the next twelve months without buying any new fabric or pattern. Here's what I've come up with...

Fabric : checkered wool (Agnès B) + grey cotton and black acetate (lining).
Fabric : viscose twill (Agnès B, it used to be blue, I've dyed it black but at the end it turned out dark indigo).
Fabric : blue and black bouclé knit (Agnès B).

Fabric : I have different denim options in my stash (all from Agnès B).
Fabric : one of the denim options mentionned before.
Fabric : orange floral silk (my mother in law).

Pattern : A simple sweater with drop shoulders, long sleeves, round neck (my own pattern).
Yarn : black Alpaca bouclé (Drops).
Pattern : No idea yet...
Yarn : Linen quill (Purl Soho, brought back fom pur trip to NY last september, I'm just dying to knit it).
Pattern : Again a simple sweater with drop shoulders, long sleeves, deep V neck, maybe a split hem? (my own pattern).
Yarn : Bomull lin (Drops).

So far n°1 is almost done, n°2 is cut but I'm missing some notions to move forward with it, and n°7 is on my needles. For almost a year now I've been really intrigued by the decluttering/minimalist/curated closet/capsule wardrobe trends. Yes I've read The life changing magic of tidying up, no it has not completely changed my life, I'm still a hoarder, I still struggle with clutter and overflowing stash... And it feels like even more of a struggle to achieve a streamlined cohesive wardrobe (and closet, and stash) when you add the handmade factor to the equation. During last year's numerous closet clear-out many memades have not made the cut and I'm not closer to the perfect handmade wardrobe then I was before. While 2016 was definitely a year about reading (here, here, here, here...), documenting and reflecting on the subject, I'm gonna make 2017 a year for practising, trying to find a good system to plan, sew/knit, store and wear a kind of handmade, minimalist, curated, capsule wardrobe that suits me and my lifestyle. What a pledge... (but let's emphasize the practise and trying part of the challenge, there will be fails for sure!).

All this rambling paragraph just to say that I've taken this Make nine challenge as an opportunity to (for once) really think of, and plan, my next sewing and knitting projects keeping in mind : what fabric I already have in my stash, what pattern I've bought and not tried yet, what is missing in my wardrobe and what I want to wear on an everyday basis.

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